The Walking Dead: Ep. 4 – Around Every Corner


A different pace to the latest episode of The Walking Dead.

Another month, another Walking Dead episode hits for us to dig into. When we last left off, Lee and what’s left of his group have finally made it to Savannah with an ominous voice on Clementine’s radio making the group very nervous before entering the city. Now, after some survival training with Clementine, Lee and company are ready to enter Savannah and try to find a boat and maybe see what happened to Clementine’s parents.

This episode gives a nice change of pace. It seemed like I was always on the run and moving from one location to another with some heavy action sequences in between. There really are only two parts to this episode in hub areas, and even then, you’re not gathering things, you’re just looking and moving on. Even though the pace is a bit faster in this episode, it doesn’t shy away from giving us some slow tense moments as well as some very emotional set pieces.

The game play, much like the other episodes, never gets too difficult, granted, there are a few times where I died and had to start over mainly due to slow reaction times. The episode has more action sequences that keep you on your toes. Out of all the episodes so far, this one has felt more interactive.

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The glitches I experienced in the previous episodes were thankfully missing this time. I had no audio issues or graphical problems throughout my play through. It felt more polished and played without a hitch. Of course, there are a few, “how is that possible?” moments in the game where a character will carry something way too heavy or large in a back pack or pocket that really makes no sense, so you’ll have to be forgiving on some of these situations.

The episode takes around two hours to play all the way through, and just as before, it ends with a cliffhanger that made me want to see how this series ends. This episode makes it feel a bit like an action game with more quick time events and even more shooting scenarios. The choices are laid out in front of you, and for me, most of them were not very difficult this time around. As I say in all my reviews of every episode of The Walking Dead I play, if you’re a fan of a good narrative and character interactions, you need to play this series. Fans of the comic and television show should not hesitate to pick this game up.

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