The Walking Dead: Ep. 5 No Time Left Review


The emotional final episode makes this series a must own.

So, the final episode for The Walking Dead is here. There’s a lot riding on this ending and a lot has led up to it. Lee and his band of survivors have seen hardships, strokes of joy and death all around them. With the way episode 4 ended, I’m sure everyone was dying to know what was going to transpire.

Episode 5 is all about leading to a climatic end. That’s what this episode does very well. You will see exactly how many of your decisions in previous episodes will effect how things end for this story, things that happened even as far as the first episode. It is really impressive to see how well they carried over the decisions you made.

This episode is more about dialog and quick actions more than it is roaming around a safe area looking for things. It is very much an action oriented episode. With all that is happening and going on, I noticed this episode is far shorter than the pervious ones. Not to say that is a bad thing, but to say that they really did try to give this story an ending rather than trying to drag it out. I have to give them props for that.

The glitches and sound issues I had in the earlier episodes have seemed to disappear. I had no problems with the episode and I feel that TellTale has finally found a good medium both technically and with game play. It’s amazing how just moving a small distance stirs up so much emotion. This episode does a fantastic job of having characters that you genuinely care for put into situations you don’t want to see them in.

The voice acting and story is still some of the best I have seen in an adventure game, and I can’t stress enough how well the story is told. It really is amazing. As far as concluding this narrative arc, they do a good job of closure for the most part. There are always some questions left to be answered that will more than likely be addressed in a second season. I for one will be right there in line to download a new season if it ever comes to pass.

As I say after all my reviews of The Walking Dead episodes, if you have yet to play any of the early episodes, you should really do it. After finishing this season, I immediately wanted to go back and try out other options for the decisions that I made all the way back to the first episode. You never see me do that with a game. This is by far the best of TellTale’s library, and one of the best overall adventure titles I have seen in a very long time. The story is told amazingly well, the characters feel real and seeing how my decisions affected the story was nothing but a great ride. I can’t suggest this episode or the entire series enough. You owe it to yourself to give this series a shot.

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