Ahhh yes the self proclaimed fastest first-person shooter on a console. Well Eidos you may have the former Rare genuises at your dismay but did you use them well? Only time will tell…no pun I guess, but anyways enough dumb ass intros let us delve into this gem known as Timesplitters.

This game definitely does not show off the PS2’s capabilities but it runs at such a blistering speed you forgive it. This game is fucking fast! Imagine the Flash on speed, yeah that fast even in 4-player split screen this baby doesn’t chug. This is definitely the Rare guys hard at work.

The music is kinda limited and repetitive but it does the job well. The sound effects are pretty creepy and the voices, what little there are, are very well done. Sound wise this game is pretty average, but if ya listen close you can hear some of those old Goldeneye goodies.

At first you will hate it, but as you play more you will begin to appreciate it. The Dual Shock 2 is most certainly not as good as the DC pad for these types of games, but it does suffice. Once mastered this game can be one hell of a good time!

Timesplitters is one of those games that will be in every hardcore gamers collection for a long time. Yes in some ways it has replaced Perfect Dark right now, mostly because of the simple yet deep level editor. This game is lightning fast and fun as hell. Definitely a must own PS2 title this year!….ZT

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