Toy Soldiers: Cold War – Evil Empire/Napalm Review


Two nice DLC packs that will put you back in the fake war.

I was a fan of Toy Soldiers. I really liked the first game and the newest installation, Cold War, and I’ve been looking for a reason to jump back into the game. Now, with the Evil Empire and Napalm DLC, I can do just that.

I will be talking about both packs in this review. Both offer up basically the same thing with a few differences, or flavors if you will. As an overview, both packs come with all new campaigns, a new survival map, a new mini game, and a new multiplayer map.

Those are copies of Halo 4, protect them with your life.

The new campaigns each come with a new unit vehicle to use, as well as a new final boss for each pack. There is also a new barrage attack for when you get your multiplier going in each pack. Napalm has you taking the role of the United States forces once again. The new barrage is the Napalm drop that can really tear up the oncoming forces. Evil Empire switches roles, giving you the chance to play as the Soviets. The new barrage is the Orbital Laser that, I have to say, is a lot of fun to call on in the heat of battle. Each pack gives 3 new campaign missions that will last you about 20 to 30 minutes each, so in all around an hour and a half to two hours worth of campaign content for each pack.

The two new mini games are a nice break from the standard tower defense of the campaign, but only offer a little time for each. The Evil Empire mini game is reminiscent of whack-a-mole, while the Napalm game has you rescuing POWs by helicopter where you have to pick your spots carefully.

Invasion of the plastic soldiers.

Each DLC pack comes with new achievements and challenges for the campaign modes along with new medals to earn. The survival modes for each pack offer up a new way of taking on the standard mode by adding a little twist to the game play. Napalm has you taking on the role of the Commando while trying to defend your toy box without using turrets, and the Evil Empire has you strategically placing defenses that will damage your toy box, so you have to be cautious with how and where you place them. For the multiplayer fans, there is a new map for each pack that adds some new flavor to the game.

All in all, if you’re looking for some new content to keep you busy in Toy Soldiers: Cold War, this is not a bad deal. Granted, the packs are $5 a piece, but for the price, you get a good three hours worth of content. The packs don’t really change up much of the core game play, but if you liked Cold War, I’m sure these will get you back into the war.

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