Tribes Aerial Assault

Everyone knows that the PS2 online situation has been anything but stellar. With a lack of software and definitely a lack of a truly huge title to keep people playing continuously it seems Sony still has a ways to go before becoming a dominant online force. In comes Tribes in hopes of at least filling the void for another month until the next online game rears it’s ugly head across the console. Does it satisfy our hunger for an online experience or just leave our appetites un-fulfilled? Read on and discover!

If there is one thing the PS2 doesn’t do well t is porting PC titles. From games like Half-Life to No Lives Forever there never seems to be any graphical updates. You get the same basic look you got on the PC when it came out years ago. This leaves the game looking prehistoric compared to newer titles on the market. You would think that with the power of the PS2 they could spice up those old PC graphics, but alas Sony is suffice with a straight graphical port, such a shame. On the good side the game runs at a very smooth frame rate, even with multiple players on the screen. The levels, while absolutely gigantic are far from gorgeous. Pop-up, fog, and the normal PC flare are all intact making this game seem ancient in the technology department.

This area of the game is really non-existent. Sure there are character voices, but they play no major role in the game. The music is pretty null and boring but it does suit this type of game. Once again the PS2 fails to deliver true surround sound and when playing this game on a kick-ass setup it sounds like it’s being tunneled through your PC. If the developers could have taken a little more time this game could have really had some massive bass pounding explosions!

The control setup will take some getting used to. For those that do not know Tribes is a very unique type of FPS in the sense that not only do you fight on the ground but you spend a considerable time in the air via your jetpack. Learning the intricate controls of flight take time and practice. You also have elements of a strategy game thrown in with being able to construct vehicles, repair your base, and building new items for defense. The sheer amount of game types and possible scenarios seems limitless and it what keeps this game fresh and exciting. This game is a blast to play with more than four people.

Yes this game does support online multi-player via broadband or 56k. To be honest the game runs just as smooth online as it does off, this game is meant to be played over the internet and you really notice it once you get online. The best part is you can take your buddy online with you vis split screen, a feature often forgotten in online console games. The only downside is that as of me writing this there are not a whole lot of players online to get your game on with. Perhaps in the future more players will be there for the killing.

While Tribes does do a lot of things well it is certainly not for everyone. This game is a multi-player title all the way. If you plan to play online..a lot this is your game. If you are single player and do not plan to go online Tribes has little to nothing to offer you. If you are not an online player you are better off with games like TimeSplitters 2 or Halo. That said Tribes is a great multi-player game that will be enjoyed by all 50 people who are playing online!!

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