WoW Wireless MMO Gaming Mouse (Hardware) Review


What the pros use.

Few peripherals I have seen over the years are as extravagant as SteelSeries Wireless World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse. Everything from the packaging down to the charging pedestal is crafted to match the motif of the game vividly. With copious amounts of flash and functionality also comes at a steep price, but those dedicated to MMO-style gaming would be wise to not dismiss this particular peripheral, as it is likely the most capable in its class.

Let’s not beat around the bush, the minute we got the package containing this beast of a clicking device, I was intimidated. In typical fashion, it comes packed with a SteelSeries sticker, booklets and everything else you need to get started. The charging base and USB cable are also included.

These buttons rest right next to your thumb.

Upon connecting the device, Windows went ahead and installed the basic drivers for the mouse to get it up and running. After that, I installed the SteelSeries engine with specific macros and customization options for the MMO mouse. The main screen for this setup is intense. The WoW mouse has so many buttons it can take a while to learn them all. Setting them up to customize your game will also take some patience, and dedication. Once I got them programmed though, it was a cakewalk keeping that information saved. If there is one thing these mice do well, it is keeping my presets for each mouse readily available.

Kid tested, pro-approved.

The WoW MMO mouse was co-developed with Blizzard to help ensure its authenticity. It comes packed with eleven buttons total, ten of which are bindable, and one programmable using the CPI settings. It was also tested by professional WoW players to make sure it met the needs of the hardcore player, and after spending countless hours checking out a multitude of games with it, I can see how I may never be able to go back to another mouse for an MMO again. My character in Star Wars: The Old Republic increases their effectiveness ten-fold with the aid of this peripheral.

Those concerned about the wireless aspect should definitely breathe a sigh of relief. The idea of lag in a wireless mouse seems to come with the territory, but SteelSeries has done an amicable job of fixing that with the WoW MMO. It will still get 12,000 frames per second with 150 inches per second on the speed end. Clicking on items and enemies within the game feels just as precise as a wired device. If it still is a point of concern, the option to plug in the mouse directly to the USB cable exists. It is sort of that security blanket we all like to have, plus users never have to worry about charging the device, even though I never ran into a dead battery while logging countless hours into these games.

The feel of the mouse is excellent. Most wireless devices suffer from being extra meaty, and weighing down their movement. That is not the case with the WoW MMO. It feels light as a feather, and moves around the mouse pad flawlessly. The design is also extremely comfortable, with a solid thumb rest right near the added buttons, making their clicks feel natural and simple.

That is still one epic packaging.

My only real gripe, and it is a ridiculous one, is that the branding may turn off some buyers. This mouse was designed for World of Warcraft, but it can work for so much more. Using it with The Old Republic, and even Diablo III works great, but when the etchings in the side of the base have Warcraft designs, it can be disconnecting. Like I said, this is a minor gripe that almost anyone else would simply ignore. However, if you are coming in with the intention to use it solely for Blizzard’s massive world, it will feel like an extension of the game.

You get what you pay for.

The World of Warcraft Wireless MMO gaming mouse may have one of the most robust titles around, but it is also as solid as they come. Those looking for a wireless mouse with all the fixings are in for a treat. The price may be steep, but it definitely makes up for it in design. The lightweight makes using it for extended hours a breeze, while the plethora of easy-to-click buttons make casting spells and using items much more streamlined. If you have the means, and the dedication to these types of games, I would be hard pressed to recommend a better device to enhance your experience.

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