Super League Football Tables (PS4) Review

Playing footsies.

I’m not much of a football (soccer) fan. Aside from watching the USA play during the World Cup and having no idea as to what is going on, I really have no experience with the sport, but I do know my way around a pinball table, and Zen Studios has created yet another unique table for their already fantastic Zen Pinball 2, featuring the exciting world of Super League Football.

The table is set in multiple football matches with the player trying to score goals, defend their goal and win matches. Players begin by choosing a specific team of their choice. In fact, this all begins when purchasing the game itself. The different football clubs are purchasable through the store and different clubs do not change the table itself. It all remains the same, but with a different theme depending on the team. As of right now, the teams available are Arsenal FC, Liverpool FC, Juventus, AS Roma, FC Barcelona, Madrid CF, AC Milan and a special Zen Studios theme. So if players have a favorite team, it may be best just to buy that team.

What a strike!

The table itself is full of lanes and special shots. It all focuses on having the ball go through lanes to advance the football down the field in the game. Doing so will remove defenders from a top section of the table where at certain points, the player can shoot the ball into the goal for a point. If the player doesn’t advance the ball down the field after a certain amount of time, the opposing team will begin the offensive and the player must defend the attack. The table features five different matches to play, each with a 90 minute game time. Granted, this time goes by much more quickly in game. During halftimes, the table allows for some extra fun by throwing in a huge multiball for some high score opportunities.

Now, completing all five matches can offer up some great scores for the leader boards, but it is a difficult road to make it there. In fact, I have only made it to the third game before losing all my balls (yes, I know that is a joke waiting to happen.) But for many, making it to the last game may be a very difficult feat.

Football without the drunken hooligans.

The overall feel is great. The announcers talking play by play on what’s going on and the crowd chants really give off that pro football feel, and when the crowd goes wild after making a goal followed by the theme of each respective club, it is a pretty fun package.

For $2.99, you get a really fun table that isn’t too difficult to understand. It has its moments of pure fun and energy, and I always love a good table that has a high score capability. Keep in mind, this is only ONE table and the other selections in the store are just for the team themes so there is only one purchase necessary unless you really want all the team themes. It’s a solid table that really any fan of Zen Pinball should pick up, even if you’re not the biggest football fan out there.

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  • Great theme
  • Fun and easy to understand
  • High score chances
  • Well-made table
  • May be difficult to get to the final match
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