Super Mario Maker (Wii U) Review

Mario is back… but now you’re in control!

As a child, I grew up playing Nintendo as my first ever videogame console. Of course, that means my first true gaming love was that little Italian plumber Mario. He would move around, hopping over huge toads, turtles, and collecting coins all while trying to rescue the princess. It was a classic, and a game that has inspired many future game creators. Unfortunately, creating games is tough, and not everyone has the knack to create videogames, let alone a Mario inspired platform. Luckily Super Mario Maker is here and with it comes the greatest creation players can envision.

Super Mario Maker isn’t so much a game, but a tool. One that allows players of all ages create their very own Mario brothers game. Ok, let’s get the negative aspects out of the way first. Players can’t create absolutely anything, as the tool is defined by the preset eras of the 2D titles featuring Mario 1, 3, Super Mario, and Mario Wii U. Players are also expected to stay within the confines of what’s available. Seeing as this is a tool and one that can make level creators out of anyone, it’s expect to be a bit limited in some capacity, but there is still a ton of options.

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As players use the tool more and more, it slowly unravels the building blocks of how to create or use various abilities or new items and enemies. It’s an idea that really seems a bit at odds when first starting the game, but it forces players to think outside the box with the tools they have. Each time the game adds a new element, it throws a new mechanic or new idea into the process and gets the players brain jumpstarted on the new possibilities at hand. It’s a rather inventive if not bold move, but it absolutely works in the players favor.

Creating my favorite levels was extremely easy using the Wii U gamepad, and it’s one of the very few times that the gamepad felt utilized for maximum capability. Players have an easy interface with the gamepad touch screen, dragging and dropping blocks, enemies, and level layers in the simplest of swipes. Not sure if that platform looks jumpable? How about trying to cross that gap? Well now with the push of a button players can immediately be running the very course they were creating. Being able to create, test, and alter layouts to better suit my needs after experimentation was immensely satisfying.

Then once players create their masterpiece or extremely hard gauntlet, they can easily share those online or with a specific code generated for the level. This also allows people to play the levels created, and actually leave notes. Perhaps an area is too hard or a specific part wowed people. They can share those moments and creators can even see where people have died in the levels, so that they can either adjust it to assist other players or leave it as is. Then once done, players can go try their friend’s levels or other rated courses online. It’s as simple as either playing them right from the menu or if enjoyable, can also be downloaded to the console for use.

Super Mario Maker is a huge accomplishment in creativity and ease of use. Folks who love gaming but perhaps never had the ability to put their Mario making skills to the test. With this tool, anyone can make a course, from simple designs to masterpieces in platforming. It might not be the deepest game creator, and you can’t create a world map or entire world per say, but the ability to create and play others’ creations is endless. Super Mario Maker sets out to give back to the players, to create their own Mario levels, and to share with the world, and it does exactly that. This is a dream come true for Mario fans and anyone with a penchant for designing their own platformers.

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  • Extreme ease of use
  • Players of all ages can create
  • Huge online community and content
  • Excellent use of gamepad
  • Endless levels to play
  • As robust as it is, still lacking in options
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