Super Ultra Dead Rising 3′ Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha (XB1) Review

Excessive amounts of stupid.

Dead Rising 3 was by far my favorite launch title on either next-gen console. The creators finally took what I hated about the series and erased it from existence. Now, over six months after release they have given me reason to return to the fray with what is possibly the most bizarre and fantastic piece of DLC ever created. Sporting what may be the longest name in history, Capcom’s latest pokes fun at it’s ridiculous naming conventions while also delivering the definition of fan service. For those that still have a copy of Dead Rising 3, this DLC is a must-get.

The fan service is really what sticks out here. There are four characters to choose from, mainly because this is designed as a four-player experience, each with an array of classic costumes. From PowerStone to Onimusha and Breath of Fire IV to Dino Crisis, Capcom has tugged on the nostalgia heavily with these get-ups. Each new outfit also comes packed with new animations and attacks akin to the character. I was grinding constantly to unlock new ones, which kept me coming back long after I completed the main course.

This is as much fun as it looks.

MSRP: $9.99
Platforms: XB1
Multiplayer: 1-4 Players
Demo Availability: N/A
Length: 3-5 hours

The DLC is broken down into four areas, each with four missions and one bonus mission. The activities are all timed and contain objectives such as killing a set number of zombies, rescuing survivors, and destroying certain items like bombs or supplies. The timer kept me moving at a brisk pace, but after I discovered that zombie kills and collectibles saved regardless if I failed, I was more free to roam around and check out all the subtle nuances Capcom threw in.

Playing with friends is where it’s at though. When I finally managed to get a four-player game going, things got crazy, with everyone off doing their own thing, or working together. Objectives were simple to take down, and the sheer amount of chaos on the screen at any given time was amazing. For a game that initially had some framerate issues in its original form, this DLC seems to have ironed that out, as it mostly goes off without a hitch.

The Dream Team.

While so much of this DLC is great, it does still retain some of the same issues that plagued the original. For example, the traversal system is garbage. I understand some games purposely design their controls with certain setbacks in mind. Dark Souls and ZombiU both come to mind, but Dead Rising 3 was about annihilating as many zombies as possible, and when my character has an issue climbing over a fence, or gets stuck in annoying animations when merely bumping into a zombie, it becomes frustrating. I was really hoping for a more fluid control scheme, but alas the issues are still present here.

There is a lot to love about Dead Rising 3’s latest DLC. For $10 it is impossible not to recommend to Xbox One owners who still have the game, especially those with a fondness for classic Capcom titles. The grind for costumes and the stiff controls are the only things holding this back, the rest is pure chaotic fun, and when I bring my friends, the intensity only increases.

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  • The crazy amounts of fan service
  • The return of Mike Haggar
  • Tons of fun with other players
  • Different costumes have different weapons
  • Traversal system
  • Repetitive missions
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