The Disney Afternoon Collection (XB1) Review

Nostalgia overload.

Sometimes life is like a hurricane…great, now that I have that tune stuck in your head, come along for a journey through a collection of some of the most memorable games from the NES era. Capcom has been all about remasters lately, but this new compilation instead brings back six games from the NES era, based on cartoons I grew up watching. Duck Tales 1 & 2, Chip ‘n Dale’s Rescue Rangers 1 & 2, Talespin, and Darkwing Duck -each one similar in fashion, but also wholly unique. It is time to take a trip down memory lane, here in Duckburg.

The Disney Afternoon Collection feels like just about any other compilation of classic games. Each one has its own menu, complete with classic music. There is a gallery that showcases classic box art and other artwork from the games. There is a ton of nostalgia packed into this tiny download.

MSRP: $19.99
Platforms: XB1 (reviewed), PS4, PC
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Probably the biggest additions though are the Boss Rush and Time Attack modes. These games are burned into the memories of so many of us, that taking them to the next level was inevitable. In fact all the Achievements/Trophies are based around difficult challenges like completing the game in under two hours, or beating it without the new rewind feature. Yes the game has the fabled rewind, making them much less of a challenge for those that choose to use it.

Of course, the game also supports save states and plenty of filter options for each game. I still prefer keeping the original aspect ratio, but sharpening up the pixels. It is also worth noting that each game can be exited without closing down the entire application. It may seem small, but some collections force a reboot, which is annoying.

Visually the games still hold up relatively well, but make no mistake, these are NES games. Controlling them takes some getting used to, especially Darkwing Duck, that downward jump still gets me killed more often than not.

On a whole this is one outstanding collection granted players come into it with proper expectations. Sure the original Duck Tales is a blast, but most of these games have not aged as well as one would hope. Still, I cannot recommend it enough, it brought back memories. From the music to the insane difficulty, I had a blast. The rewind feature allowed me to see them all, and the new leader boards and modes make it worthwhile.

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