The Mummy Demastered (PS4) Review

Demastered it is not.

Playing back on the SNES and Genesis console, I have a vivid memory of all those movie based games that would release and either completely suck or just seem to be trying to cash in on the movie hype. Every once in a while, we would see one that would be a great or even competent game. Sometimes the game even outshined the license it was based off of. Well, this month, it’s as if I stepped back in time because The Mummy Demastered shows that a game based of a movie can still be good.


Most readers are probably completely unaware that this game released this month. Either folks saw the movie and disliked it or thought it was an enjoyable enough action romp. Either way, the game is about the shadowy organization that goes looking for these creatures and their elite team that is out to stop them. It was really a side focus in the movie but here it’s the main cause. There is no Tom Cruise in sight here, and only the smallest of things connect it to the movie. For example, the backgrounds of the woods, the sewers, and the city are all interconnected like a classic Metroid style map. This of course requires finding upgrades and abilities to progress forward, like repealing or higher jumping.

MSRP: $19.99
Price I’d Pay: $15.99
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How long to beat: 5+ hours

Combat in here is very reminiscent of Wayforwards Aliens Infestation game on the DS. Side scrolling and Contra like, being able to fire in various directional points either while moving or locking down into position. Players won’t only be fighting mummies either, with huge rats, bugs, and crazed dogs in the mix. They needed enemy variation, and while it might seem a bit off or seen as “video gamey”, it works. Bosses are usually huge in size and require pattern memorization. They are fun to fight and finally defeat but a few of them had me retrying more than once.

A few interesting mechanics to note, weapons can be unlocked and earned. Though the caveat to this is only one gun and one explosive type can be used at once, the rest will stay in ammo caches around the level. Also, death is very much like Dark Souls in nature. Dying leaves behind an undead corpse players must kill in order to get back the skills unlocked. It’s usually pretty manageable, but when dying a few times in one area, trying to get back, fighting the numerous undead clones along with the regular enemies, it’s frustrating.

License or not

This might be the first time I think the license here might actually be doing the game harm then the game itself. I just can’t see most people seeing the movie and saying “You know, I really want a game from this” but here we are. What we are left with is a really fun take on the Metroidvania side scrolling genre that has quality all around. Its gameplay, graphics, and especially its soundtrack, all work together in making this something I would have loved to discover back in the SNES era. I know there is a ton of games being released and The Mummy Demastered is most likely the farthest on anyone’s lists of games to play right now, but if players find themselves craving 2D side scrolling action game this fall season, this one is definitely worth looking into.

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