The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 3 – In Harm’s Way (PC) Review

I want to stay and watch.

Clementine and company are back once again after a pretty amazing episode two months ago. Telltale’s The Walking Dead hopes to capitalize on the new characters and drastic events of Episode 2 by riding that wave into Episode 3. For the most part, it does a fine job of it, but still leaves out a few things that I’m starting to miss.

Clem and her group are now held captive by a rather merciless group, and it’s now up to her comrades and her bravery to find a way to escape while trying not to get eaten by the walking corpses surrounding the area.

Walk the line.

Platforms: 360, PS3, PC, Vita, iOS
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Length: 2-3 hours

The voice acting and character interactions are still some of the best in the gaming industry. Past and present connections really play a big part in this episode, and players will have to choose numerous times on things that will benefit one person while condemning another. It is a rather emotional ride where I had to actually stop and think about what I really wanted to do.

There are a few very satisfying moments in Episode 3, and conclusions that I couldn’t help but enjoy even if they were gruesome and morbid. It’s a rough world in post-apocalypse Georgia, and seeing justice served and loyalty rewarded is very satisfying.

The characters introduced in this episode are some of those that I couldn’t help but to hate – in a good way. Everyone knows those pure evil people who you love to hate. One in particular really sells the delusions of grandeur and the whole “for the greater good” spiel.

Angry Jim Gordon is angry.

While the character interaction and story are superb, I have noticed a decline in player control. The first season had a good amount of exploration and standard adventure game play, while season 2 has almost abandoned it completely. In Episode 3, I maybe moved Clementine around an area four times and most of it was just going from point A to point B. I honestly miss the finding items mechanic and using them in hairy situations or looking for a key in a large room full of boxes. I know it sounds mundane, but it feels like Season 2 has been almost on autopilot and just stops to as the player what road they want to go down every once in a while.

Even if the player interaction has been toned down, there are still some really great things to see and do in Episode 3. It is a gruesome ride that is full of peril, difficult decisions and some great moments. If you have already invested time and money into Season 2, keep going; it is well worth it. If you haven’t picked up the full season or are thinking about starting it up, do yourself a favor and do it already.

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  • Great voice acting
  • Character interactions
  • Engaging story
  • Riveting decisions
  • Player interaction is toned down even more
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