The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 4 – Amid the Ruins (PC) Review

One of the weaker episodes of season two.

After the big cliffhanger in episode three, I was really excited to see what would happen in episode four. It left me with a ton of questions like who was going to survive, what were the consequences of my choices, and exactly how Clementine was going to make it out of the last situation. Now that I’ve played through episode four, I feel a bit let down.

This episode feels almost like it has lost a bit of its touch. The story feels like it’s going through the motions, and there is no real build up to anything that is supposed to happen at the end of the episode.

Everybody got a gun.

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On top of that, I’m starting to see even more how much my choices don’t really matter. If a person is going to die no matter what I decide to do, it really feels like I’m just watching a movie and hitting a button to go to the next scene. Don’t get me wrong, The Walking Dead does a good job of making players feel like no one is safe, but after nine episodes of that, seeing a crucial part of the story die really doesn’t phase me anymore. It’s almost like I’m expecting it. “Oh, let me try to save them. Oh, they died anyway…oh, well.”

I’ve mentioned it before, but season two feels like they are taking a large step back from actual adventure formulas. I actually controlled Clem maybe three times throughout my play through of episode four. It felt like the game was running on auto-pilot.

With it being only about an hour and fifteen minutes long, it is one of the shorter episodes so far. Yes, this is The Walking Dead and a decent amount of revelations occur even in this episode, but I’m starting to feel like the game has lost its oomph a bit. Then again, maybe this is the somewhat “calm before the storm” that is leading into episode five. There is yet another cliffhanger at the end of this episode that still left me wanting to play the next, so it did its job there.

I’m sorry I forgot to put the toilet seat down.

Again, I don’t want to be down on this episode. The voice acting is top notch and the situations and visual set pieces are very well done, but I think the story, and more importantly, how the game handles what decisions I make is starting to dwindle. Of course, this could all be remedied within the first five minutes the last episode of season two, and I’m still excited to see what is going to happen.

Of course, fans of the series still need to pick this episode up, and from looking back at the entire season, this is still a decent addiction to an already great series. Just keep in mind, you can’t save everybody, and even if you try, don’t be surprised if someone dies anyway. This is The Walking Dead after all.

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  • Great voice acting
  • Good set pieces
  • Short episode
  • My choices are starting to not matter
  • Just a weaker episode
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