The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition (PS4) Review

This Witch is nasty.

Witch and the Hundred Knight was a unique action roleplaying game released on the PS3 to tepid reviews. It is colorful, charming, and full of a foul mouth witch named METALLIA! Get it right or she will bitch smack folks into the stratosphere. Might be wondering why I’d use such words in a review? That’s just how this witch rolls and now her antics can be seen on the PS4. Is it more for new players to the series or even for old fans?

Summoning a fighter.

The story of the Witch is an interesting one and quite comical and downright vulgar at times. She is stuck at a swamp and doomed to stay there until the end of her days. That is until she summons a great mythical creature from another realm to assist her in spreading her malice and defeating the other witches that aim to keep her stopped. It’s a compelling story, with lots of exposition and dialog. I find myself cracking up and just how nasty Metallia is, and while it might make some folks shudder from the amount of rude and crude behavior she displays, it all came off extremely silly and comical for me, especially as the game is quite pretty and colorful. Soon enough, players take control of the 100 Knight and the bidding to spread her evil begins.


MSRP: $39.99
Platforms: PS4
Price I’d Pay: $29.99
Multiplayer: N/A
How long to beat: 15+ hours

Action hack and slash…with a twist.

Gameplay here consists of a top down view, very much like other isometric action RPG titles, yet things get a little bit different from that point out. There are some minor puzzle elements thrown in for good measure and an interesting unique set up for equipment and abilities. The knight has a few different stances it can unlock and can switch between three pre-selected on the battle field. Same goes for weapons, which consist of hammers, lancers, swords, and maces. Each weapon found is equipped to 1 of 3 slots, and those slots have five slots for weapon placement. Each push of the attack button uses the next weapon in line.

It’s an odd set up but it works after a while, and adds to the strategy in some battles as enemies can be vulnerable to specific types. This is all tied to a circular stamina gauge that is around the players characters the entire game and for me is a real eye sore as there is seemingly no way to remove it. While the knight explores, there is a constant meter lowering. When it gets to zero, he is whisked back to the Witches home base. It limits how much time can be spent on the battlefield but then once back, players can resume from the latest pillar that has been unlocked in the level. Which makes the question “why was this even needed” to begin with. Story wise it’s a way of the Witch keeping the lock down on the character in the story, but it just feels a bit needless.


A few refinements.

Being the latest edition of the game and on a current generation console, it’s nice to see a graphical upgrade, even if only minor in ways. Textures are crisper, lighting is better, and it feels like it runs at a solid 60fps at times, much smoother than the PS3 release. The only other additions are a tower that can be used to level up stats and also allow the player to control the witch for a time period. It’s nothing that would warrant playing the game all over again, but it’s a nice little addition, simple as that. All that said, I’d only recommend this to folks that played it prior if they absolutely love the game and would like to see it in its best form. Otherwise it’s easy to pass up.

For those that never had a chance to experience the action and zaniness of it, this is a solid package. It’s funny, has interesting combat, and a unique fantasy storyline that feels dark, yet whimsical and fun. Just don’t expect to be blown away. If players are looking for a solid if somewhat convoluted action RPG, this just might do the trick. It’s a game done just a little bit better than the original release.

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  • Smooth port
  • Better graphics and lighting
  • New tower
  • Convoluted game mechanics
  • Lots of dialog and exposition at times
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