The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 – A Crooked Mile Review

What is it that the mundies call me?

Last we saw of Bigby, a prime suspect was revealed in rather dramatic and seemingly decisive fashion.

While much of episode 3 goes on to follow that lead, I couldn’t help but wonder what was really going on, apart from what was now out in the open.

After all, what good mystery doesn’t have a few red herrings to throw the audience off the right trail?

For better or for worse, episode 3 plays and looks exactly as you would expect.

Understanding this, the folks at Telltale do an excellent job of letting the players showcase their doubt about the whole situation.

Episode 3 continues to showcase its strength front and center, as once more the characters and the world of the Wolf Among Us did an exceptional job of grabbing my attention, from the very beginning until the credits rolled.

The way I felt compelled to constantly pussyfoot around certain topics for the sake of some of the characters, even at the expense of getting more information, was an aspect that felt fleshed out in episode 3 more so than its predecessors.

There isn’t a single new game play mechanic to speak of nor, am I willing to delve into the finer details of the story, as spoiling any specific elements of the plot in a title like this would be a heinous crime.

Instead, I will mention that there is a choice that determines what areas Bigby will go on to explore looking for leads, and it all leads to an epic final ten minutes or so that introduces a brand new character to the series that made quite the impression.

Also, it’s here where we get to see what Bigby is really capable of, as he unleashes some of the ferocity that earned him his nickname.

Just hearing her name might send chills down your spine.

Little graphical glitches of characters flashing different animation frames or objects oddly clipping through each other were present once more and while infrequent, it managed to pull me out of the experience from time to time.

From the very first episode, I considered Wolf Among Us to be Telltale’s finest work yet, and after episode 3, my opinion hasn’t changed.

Now all that remains is the excruciating wait for episode four.

Fun Tidbit – Telltale’s writing is at its best when the line between right and wrong is so blurred, it’s almost indistinguishable.

Review copy of game provided by publisher. Primary play on PC.

  • A new character that steals the show
  • Everything else that was good with the previous episodes
  • Minor graphical glitches
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