Titanfall: Expedition (XB1) Review

Giving Titanfall a little extra Grunt.

Timing is Everything.

It’s been two months since the launch of the Xbox One’s savior, Titanfall. After all the hype and the massive marketing push, it seems that Respawn’s future mech shooter didn’t exactly have the desired effect. Sure, there were a lot of people excited by Titanfall, myself included, but it only took a few weeks for everyone to find a new shiny game to talk about. So now seems like a good time to rekindle interest in the game by releasing a new DLC pack.

MSRP: $9.99 (Season Pass – $24.99)
Platforms: Xbox One & PC (Coming soon to Xbox 360)
Number of Maps: Three
Additional Content: None

Is Three Really the Magic Number?

The one thing I found odd about this DLC pack is the amount of maps I actually got. Normally with these types of big action shooters, the DLC packs come with four. Call of Duty does it, Battlefield does it, so why does Titanfall only have three? It’s important to know that although there are fewer maps and there will only be three DLC packs total, that EA are charging less. And of course, players can pick up a season pass and save a little more money as well. But if I were a die-hard fan of the game, I would probably prefer to pay a little more cash and get a little more content. Because as it stands I don’t think that having just three extra maps is enough to get excited about.

Are You Sure These Maps Are New?

One of the criticisms leveled at Titanfall was that none of the original maps really stood out. Did anyone know that game included 15 maps? I had to look that up and was surprised when I found out. They all seem to meld together in my mind. Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is the DLC doesn’t change this. Swampland and Runoff could have just been plucked from the main map list, with only the trees in Swampland to set it apart from what was already available. War Games does look a little different, as it is set in the training module that appeared at the start of the campaign. As such, most of the level is made up of bright colors and has a futuristic VR feel to it.

Nothing To See Here.

With all the money and development time thrown at this game, is this really all they could come up with for their DLC – three maps and no new modes? Even with a cheaper price point, it’s hard to recommend this pack. I’m sure that the fans that are still playing Titanfall will be happy to have some extra ground to run riot on. But if EA wants to bring back lapsed players, then they need to do a damn sight better than this for the next two DLC drops.

Review copy of DLC provided by publisher.

  • New content
  • Only three maps
  • No new modes
  • Maps don’t really stand out
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  1. I like the game, but I agree, I got the season pass and I think 3 maps is kinda eh

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