Tower of Guns (PS4) Review

If only this tower reached high heights.

Hearing the title of the game, folks might think that this is a balls to the wall action game. I mean a tower of guns? Sign me up! Yet what we have here is a game that takes the idea of rogue elements and first person shooting and combines the two. Unfortunately it’s left a sour taste in my mouth that had me wanting so much more.
First person shooting is the main aspect this game tries to attempt and it comes off floating and cheap at best.

Players will find themselves taking aim and rather uninspired enemies, countless shooting cannons, and other weirdly modeled enemies. None of which really spark any sort of creative element and all end up looking rather plain and dull. If the developers were attempting to making something that reminds players of an old N64 shooting game, they succeeded.

MSRP: $14.99
Platforms: XB1, PS4, PC, Vita, PS3
Price I’d Pay: $1.00
Multiplayer: N/A

As players progress, they find badges and unlock levels for the various weapons via enemy drops. These are used to level the player with more health, or better weapon effects. When players dies, they start over but the upgrades stay. This leads to a few moments of fun that shine through when players hit that ultimate moment of being able to dodge the plethora of bullets and baddies coming at them with the help of those achievements.

Those moments are just so shorted lived when it usually seems like enemies and bullets are just thrown into the mix without any design care. Some games have excellent enemy placement associated with their level design. Tower of guns just wants to throw everything at the player and it feels sloppy in every aspect.

Speaking of sloppy, the consoles versions are not polished at all. Both PS4 and Xbox one versions suffer numerous technically issues. Mostly being extreme screen tearing and slowdown. What will boggle most the minds of players is that there isn’t anything on display here that should be causing the new systems to be performing this way. When there are games with much better graphical fidelity and that run much smoother, players can’t help but ask “why?”

I didn’t complete Tower of Guns and I don’t ever intend to. It completely lacks any sort of inspiration or gameplay to warrant me to continue. It has a very old school look and feel, but it’s something I can’t get into with its weak weapons and enemies, flat aiming, off jumping, lack of weapon feedback and more. The only thing worth noting was some upgrades and the sense of progression it gives, albeit small.

The idea of a FPS rogue game where you earn new abilities as you try and make your way to the top sounds ever so promising, but with all the issues I had with it, I’ve already bailed out.

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  • Upgrades
  • Rogue elements
  • Weak weapons
  • Odd aiming
  • Jumping mechanics
  • Enemy design
  • Soundtrack lacking
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