Trials Fusion: Awesome Level Max (XB1) Review

50/50 split.

I am an unapologetic fan of Trials. I love the punishment. I have spent tens of hours on single tracks in Extreme mode just to finish them. The challenge is addicting. When developer RedLynx announced they were adding yet another piece of DLC to Trials Fusion, I was on board, especially since it was going the extra mile to be insane. I mean a cat riding a unicorn; it doesn’t get much more insane than that.

Awesome Level Max is split into two sections. One features the aforementioned feline adventure mode, while the other is a collection of tracks from the developers and community. The latter is fantastic. These are some of the most creative and enjoyable in Fusion. There are tracks of all skill levels, and the ingenuity behind each one is impressive. I adored this portion of the package, although it does feel limited with only 22 to offer.

MSRP: $9.99 (standalone) $39.99 (bundle with full game)
Platforms: XB1, PS4
Price I’d Pay: $4.99

The adventure mode is a novel idea, and one that starts off strong. Each level is like a section of the story. The levels are all medium in difficulty, and the routes and obstacles are some of the most inventive I have seen. The problem comes from the new vehicle (the unicorn) and some poor design choices. The unicorn handles awkwardly and can be frustrating to control. Toss that in with certain levels that switch the environment during a jump, which causes me to crash due to not being lined up with the new area. It is infuriating.

There are several levels like this. I don’t mind failing due to skill, but these tracks have some of the most controller-throwing trial and error in the game. Worst of all it just isn’t fun. Also let’s not discuss the horribly designed final boss. Whoever thought that was a good idea needs to be tried by a jury of their peers.

Trials Fusion: Awesome Level Max is a solid DLC entry that just feels a bit overpriced. The adventure mode tends to be more frustrating than it should be, and the included tracks are over far too soon. I really enjoy the content offered up by the Season Pass, but this $10 add-on feels about $5 too expensive.

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  • The new standard tracks
  • New creations items
  • The adventure mode is frustrating
  • Did we really need yet another FMX track?
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