Ultra Street Fighter IV Review

Time for an Ultra combo.

Let’s face it, Street Fighter IV revitalized the fighting game scene. It was huge, and is still a heavy hitter and main event for big tourneys like EVO. Like the old days of Capcom, there were constant updates to the game in the form of new editions. Some were balance changes, some added new characters and moves; there was something here for everyone. Now, Capcom is back with another edition for the 2008 game, this time changing up numerous things with new additions. Ultra Street Fighter IV is once again, another definitive version of the game.

Platform: 360, PS3, PC
MSRP: $15 DLC/ $39.99 Retail
Price I’d pay: $15
Multiplayer: Yes (A ton)

Let’s talk about what’s new in Ultra. First, there are five new characters. Rolento is a fast striking, multi-hit combo character with some pretty good mix ups. Elena uses only her legs to attack and many of her normals will mix in with her specials. She flows very well. Poison is a more controlled character. Her specials feel a bit like a Shotokan mixed with the Rekkas of Fei Long. Hugo is a behemoth of a man utilizing multiple grapples as well as a few combos. Finally, Decapre is a bit of a strange one. Her moves are somewhat like Cammy’s, but are performed mainly through charge moves. She’s a complex character than can possibly be very deadly in the right hands.

Poison laying down the law.

SSFIVAE: 2012 Vs. SFIV Yeah, confusing, huh?

Taken from Street Fighter x Tekken, six new stages are brought in to add some more backgrounds to the mix along with a few other additions. Players can now choose to take both ultra attacks into battle with them, adding more variety and combo set ups. When doing so, the ultra attacks do lessened damage. One of the more unique additions is the ability to choose a certain version of a character. So, if players want to bring in Super Street Fighter IV Ryu versus Arcade Edition version of El Fuerte, they can. For advanced players, this is a really fun feature that offers up a ton of options.

A new Red Focus Attack is available that uses two bars of the super meter, but is able to absorb multiple attacks instead of just one. A delayed stand can be performed to keep from being crossed over constantly. A new team battle mode is available that lets teams of three battle each other until only one team is left. Almost like a King of Fighters match, health remains gone in between matches.

Elena just doesn’t fit in anywhere.

Seriously? Still no new challenges?

The biggest let down for me when Arcade edition came out was the fact that I could not do challenge mode with the new characters that were added. This is still the case in Ultra. The challenges were the best way to learn moves and combos, and the fact they have new characters, some of which no one has ever played before, and I’m forced to try out moves and combos in the clunky training mode is a chore and unnecessary.

For the regular fighting game players, this is a no brainer. People that once were into Street Fighter IV will find enough here to bring them right back into the fray. It is the best version to have hit the game in a long while, and all for a $15 upgrade. Now get in there and start training with the new characters.

Review copy of game provided by publisher. Primary play on PlayStation 3.

  • Tons of content
  • New characters
  • Version select is great
  • Still no challenge mode for new characters
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