Win a Free Copy of South Park S15 on Blu Ray

I love when we do contests, giving away free goodies is always fun. This week we have teamed up with Cartman, Kenny, Stan and Kyle to give away three copies of the new South Park Season 15 Blu Rays. In celebration of Scott Tenorman’s Revenge launching this week on XBLA we are happy to be bringing this to you guys. Also the first 5,000 people that register their copies of the Blu Ray with a code will get the game for free while the next 70,000 will get a free South Park Theme and 48 hour trial of XBLA. Let’s get to the details though.

All you have to do is follow @ZTGD on Twitter and tune in for South Park Trivia questions. Then DM the answers to us and we will randomly draw winners. The questions will be posted over the next three days with winners announced on Thursday. So get on down to South Park…err I mean Twitter and get your answers in.

Each “South Park: The Complete Fifteenth Season” Blu-ray and DVD come with an added bonus. We’re giving away free downloads of the new “South Park: Tenorman’s Revenge” Xbox Live game. Each Blu-ray and DVD will include a unique code inside for fans to enter at to get thousands of prizes. It’s first come, first serve so fans have to act fast. The first 5,000 to enter their code will get a download of “South Park: Tenorman’s Revenge” game, an exclusive “South Park” theme and a 48 hour trial of Xbox Live Gold Membership. The next 70,000 entries will get an exclusive “South Park” Xbox theme and a 48 hour trial of Xbox Live Gold Membership.

Legal mumbo jumbo: Must be a US resident to enter. Only one entry per person, multiple entries will be deleted. Contest is also closed to anyone working for/affiliated with ZTGD.

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