Zen Pinball 2: Star Wars Rebels (PS4) Review

Another great table for the platform.

Star Wars is on one heck of a hype train right now. The new movie is less than a year away, toys, comics and games are on the horizon, and of course, Zen Pinball is back at it again with a brand new Star Wars table. This one takes the form of the new animated series Star Wars: Rebels. While I felt Zen’s last table, Age of Ultron, was a bit too standard, Rebels feels right place in that sweet spot that Zen has been hitting constantly.

I haven’t seen the Rebels show, so I can’t really say who or what is going on. I can say the table is fast, rewarding, and easy to understand and utilize. There are many different lanes to fire the ball into, and each one serves a purpose when it comes to the missions. Since there are so many lanes that are relatively easy to hit, it makes reaching mission goals much easier.


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Although, there are two lanes that take a good amount of finesse to hit, and it seemed like every mission I did required me to hit them. The center area has a jet engine in the middle that can offer up a lot of points if the ball is shot in. Along with that, the multiball potential is very high, even just a few minutes after starting a game.

Popup storm troopers will cover the center area in some missions, and players must knock them down in order to complete it. Other missions have the player creating a “graffiti ball” to spray paint over the empire’s propaganda posters. It all fits well with the look and feel of the entire table.


The soundtrack is obviously what you would come to expect from a Star Wars themed table. While the voices are a bit few and far between, they are decently acted, and the overall look of the table is rather good. Taking place in what looks like an airship hangar, ships will take off and land, guns will fire off, and many other flashy things will be seen.

Star Wars: Rebels is another great table for the Zen Pinball platform. It’s easy to play and understand, and offers up a fast paced, high scoring track that really shines in some parts. Zen Pinball players should definitely give this table a shot, especially if you felt a little let down by the Age of Ultron table.

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  • Fun to play
  • Easy to understand
  • Nice look
  • Decent variety
  • Two lanes can be difficult to hit in some missions
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