Pinball FX2: Sorcerer’s Lair Review


Pinball – Now in Spookyvision.

Every pinball table has a theme that drives the design of the obstacles, bumpers and marquee art. It’s rare, though, that one can tell a story, but the latest Zen Studios Pinball FX2 table, Sorcerer’s Lair, does just that. Join two children as they creep through a decrepit mansion, avoiding the tenant sorcerer, while looking for their ghostly friend, Whisper.

Along the way, you’ll have to fight ghosts, run from a horde of skeletons and seek Whisper’s help to close dimensional portals. Yes, I’m still talking about a pinball table, and a darn good one. The table is absolutely beautiful, sporting a playful haunted house theme, with the sinister visage of the Sorcerer at the head of the table. He won’t bother you unless, of course, you bother him by disturbing him with a ball. After three such shots, he becomes enraged, releasing balls, ghosts and more. This is a good thing for you, though, as you’ll see the points rack up quickly.

As you play, you’ll notice that the table has its own take on the shifting walls and changing paths. The ramps lead to passages that turn, changing the direction of the ball. You’ll also reveal secret passages and a hidden staircase, along with a variety of different cellar mini-tables.

These smaller arenas require you to complete tasks including hitting spiders with your ball or using the bumper buttons to rotate gears that will free your ball. It provides a nice change of pace and scenery, making the most of the medium. The sound effects are rich with both the voices of the children and the Sorcerer add to the atmosphere, helping players keep track of what’s happening on the table.

There is a lot to see and do on this table, and it is absolutely worth the 240msp entry fee. The table features all of the same social innovations we’ve come to love about Pinball FX2 and will show up alongside your other tables in the menu. Additionally, the table comes with 50 points worth of achievements and factors into your overall Wizard score, just like everything else in the Pinball FX2 portfolio.

The Pinball FX2 platform continues to impress with each release. Sorcerer’s Lair meets, and even exceeds, the high bar already set by Zen Studios.

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